Dr. René Favaloro: Biography – *English

Dr. René Favaloro: Biography – English

A project presented to the Congress of the Nation Argentina requests a historical reparation for the recalled heart surgeon and proposes that in its report, is instituted the ‘Dr Favaloro Hero Humanitarian Award’


July 12:                                                                                                                                                      A day like today, but in 1923 was born in the neighborhood El Mondongo, the City of La Plata, Dr. Rene Favaloro Gerónimo. The son of an artist, more than cabinetmaker carpenter and a seamstress was formed in a culture of values. Already in his five years he expressed his desire to be a doctor, as her mother had. He had grown fond of Arthur, a college paternal uncle, unique family until then, who spent a few days on vacation and accompanied on the visits that he performed in his capacity as a doctor. He helped his father in carpentry and learned from Don Davagnino management gouges. Years later listen to Professor Christman said: “To be a good surgeon must be a good carpenter.”

By circumstances attributed to fate, as soon as he finished his training he went to Jacinto Arauz, a small village of La Pampa to practice rural medicine. He thought he could improve there, away from comfort, where winter temperatures ranging between -10 ° and -12 °, and last 1am there was no electricity. their future is earned. He attended a precarious office belonging to the only doctor in the village, to open his own, and made ‘field trips’ to visit their patients. He had gone for a replacement three months, he stayed 12 years.

Later he could install a modest clinic, and began performing surgery with the help of Juan Jose, his brother, and went on to form ‘a bank of living blood’ with the active participation of the villagers they classified by group and factor . He created a health plan, a task which was attended by mothers, midwives, teachers, and aimed to disseminate knowledge to combat diarrhea summer which managed to defeat, and bring the infant mortality rate to 0%.

I knew this was not his final resting place, and believed to be prepared-as it had been told to larger companies. He thought travel to the US to specialize. He left one day in 1962 with an English precarious, a recommendation of Professor Mainetti, and a few savings with his wife and he should survive for learning. Fate ‘Cleveland Clinic’ in Ohio. He went from being a surgeon with hundreds of its credit operations to a ‘luxury camillero “according confessed. He must defend his title, adapt, and with effort, outside of working hours decided to study the medical records of hundreds of patients, in order to find a method that was revolutionary: ‘The bypass graft surgery’. He valued the freedom of the medical center that allowed him to propose a new surgical maneuver that surprised doctors in the world, with which through its development defeated death. His method saved 800,000 people a year worldwide, from May 9, 1967.

Favaloro, the Argentine doctor, ‘the promise of the future’ tripe neighborhood of La Plata, had triumphed. It was carried in newspapers the world for its medical feat and was pleased to represent the country and put to a place of leadership and excellence. He knew that then had to return to Argentina to face, in the last third of his life, his goals: medical care, teaching and research, and so worship their flag. He lived ‘machimbrado’ with their land. He said: “The day that does not have challenges ahead’ll drop the knife.” He faced his greatest challenge: to propose a health program to take our nation to an outstanding, world-leading place.

Besides being the only Argentine doctor contained in the medical history of the United States, it was recognized as a ‘Legend of the Twentieth Century’, ‘one of the five Legends Millennium cardiovascular surgery’, and ‘a world hero who changed part of modern medicine and revolutionized heart medicine ‘as the New York Times considered, in 1992. he received dozens of awards from all countries of the world. Perhaps one of the most outgoing, accorded in 2006, posthumously, by the International Astronomical Union (IAU), by imposing its name to an asteroid, 5077, which was named ‘Favaloro’ as a scientist tribute for his “contribution to humanity ‘.

He served in the former Guemes Sanatorium, while in 1978 with the help of Angel Peco and the Distributor Newspaper and Magazine constructed building ‘basic science research’. Later in 1992 they could open the Institute of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery, Favaloro Foundation – “an institution of the community, for the community, without owners and non-profit” – stressed, and in 1998 its university.

He struggled with bureaucracy. He rejected politicians who received a standing offer appointments. He refused to be health minister, deputy, senator and vice president to the nation. He had done a ‘Hippocratic Oath’ I wanted to honor to its logical conclusion, and prepared a Decalogue of ethical principles that should govern their institution. He wrote many papers on cardiology and cardiovascular surgery, and several books. He managed the realization of a congress of his specialty with attendees from five continents who attended to his call. He tried to show that it could, refusing again and again to the eternal corruption. He resisted. They removed the subsidy allocated by the national government, which had been voted by Congress to ‘serve all’, including the homeless. He went on to pay tribute taxes, without exception. He suffered be ignored by the state and fought alone, without patriotic understand its clear objective, nor the contribution to Argentina performing social medicine, reasons for their efforts and sleepless nights.

Favaloro had become a global milestone, a ‘doctor liberator’ for having trained more than 400 cardiac surgeons, only in Latin America. He said with pride of accomplishment “from Mexico to Ushuaia no place that does not have a specialist trained in our institution.”

In this giant of world medicine, Argentina ignored in one of its worst recent tragedies: the economic crisis of 2000. All concert honors given by the countries of the world were not enough to offset the frustration of having erred in projecting his great work, contribute to a ‘social medicine’ to return to making welfare a central place. He wanted and could do it, but ‘not only’. He came to confess that he felt ‘have become a beggar’. This time, no one read any of the nearly 400 letters sent to get help for your institution, and up ‘dropped the knife’. On July 29, 2000 Favaloro shot himself in the heart in an act containing a final call to Argentina society to take conscience of the place they intended its researchers and scientists. His departure was so emblematic as his life.

Favaloro’s death caused shock. He managed to bring out the clear divorce was among the country’s citizens and their representatives and state authorities. In this climate, and no one could give credit to the news that swept the world, it took days without an official explanation mediate to try to find a justification for homelessness. And how to give … !!! Successes always have political parents. Failures, no. ‘The defeat is an orphan’.

It took 15 years. Favaloro still alive in popular memory. Surveys show that is chosen as one of the most beloved and respected men in Argentina, ‘emblem of honesty’. Some leaders are still silent in a clear sign of respect, shame or guilt, the loss of the most lucid reference that gave medicine the last century, with which the state could count. Favaloro could change part of contemporary medicine. No system. He could not corruption.

Recently, he appeared in the Argentina National Congress a project that promotes a historical reparation, which claims a necessary ‘tribute’. Request the institution of ‘Dr. Rene Favaloro Gerónimo Humanitarian Hero Award’, and proposes that in its report to be delivered to those who make a permanent destination neighbor and ‘solidarity’ flag. Perhaps it is appealing to their most cherished values: ‘patriotism and solidarity’. The people elect their referents.

Perhaps it is one of the best ways to remember. Highlighting the work done figures like John Carr, Margarita Barrientos, Dr. Abel Albino, and many other anonymous weaving the fabric of solidarity, they teach to live in ‘a culture of values’, and promote social commitment.

In Argentina the community spirit is renewed as a guide. Thousands of doctors and scientists in the Republic who struggle for cure, research, teach and save lives, they feel that by honoring the State Favaloro recognition ‘reassigned place’. It is time to regain hope. If you look at our scientists is returned, you can remind sanitaristas eximios as Laureano ‘other’ Maradona, Guillermo Rawson, Ramon Carrillo, Arturo Oñativia, Abel Albino, and Favaloro, among many other doctors.

Popular voices in an act of justice are heard crying out: Favaloro? I PRESENTED’!!! … Repeat: Favaloro? THIS !!! … and keep coming back ¿Favaloro? I PRESENTED !!! and it’s time that representatives’ know how to listen. ” Only in a spirit of recognition and a ‘dignity that honors the repair injustices’ is celebrated deserved … ‘National Day of Social Medicine’ .-

Guillermo Daniel Balbi / Journalist
Buenos Aires, República Argentina



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